‘Shipshape 10’ News for Week Ending April 8th, 2017

‘Shipshape 10 List’, a list of news and articles published in the current week that a senior executive in shipping, shipping finance, commodities, energy, supply chain and infrastructure should had noticed; news and articles that are shaping the agenda and the course of the maritime industry.

Sometimes seemingly tangential, periodically humorous, occasionally sarcastic, sporadically artistic, inferentially erotic, but always insightful and topical.

And, this week’s ‘Shipshape 10’:

Developments and news from the Jones Act market:                                                1a. $11 million Jones Act Penalty is Largest ever (MarineLog)
1b. The Jones Act Under Attack (The Maritime Executive)
1c. Born on the Bayou: NYC Ferry Fleet Builds for Summer Launch (Associated Press)

News from the German shipping banking market:
2a. HNA Group, Apollo Global Make Indicative Bids for Germany’s HSH Nordbank (The Wall Street Journal)
2b. NordLB Sufficiently Capitalised to Swallow Record 2016 Loss –CEO (Reuters)

News from the offshore drilling market are getting ever more abysmal:
3a. Ocean Rig Backer Takes Aim at Company’s Restructuring Plan (The Wall Street Journal)                                                                                                                               3b. Seadrill at Mercy of Day Traders as Biggest Funds Dump Stock
 (Bloomberg)             3c. Seadrill Warns on ‘Substantial’ Losses as Bankruptcy Fears mount (Financial Times)

News from the oil front:
4a. Information Asymmetry Bedevils the Oil Market (Financial Times)
                                 4b. Iran Struggles to Expand Oil Exports as sea Storage Cleared (Reuters)

And, news from the seaborne oil world:
5a. Homeless Gasoline Tankers Are Drifting Around the Caribbean (Bloomberg)
5b. Oil’s Seaborne Picture Suggests Opec Cuts Taking Effect (Financial Times)

And, more news on the oil trading world:
6. Oil Trader Gunvor Approached Competitors Over Possible Sale (The Wall Street Journal)

A gruesome reminder that shipping is still a dangerous business, with the apparent sinking of MV ’Stellar Daisy’ and great loss of life:
                                     7a. S Korean Cargo Ship Stellar Daisy Vanishes in South Atlantic (BBC)
                               7b. Attention Turns to Polaris’ 19 Converted Bulkers (Splash 24/7)
                                       7c. IMO Calls for Inquiry Into the Loss of Stellar Daisy (Maritime Executive)

‘One Belt, One Road’ never gets old…
8. Chinese Shipping Giants Seek Control of ‘Maritime Silk Road’
(The Wall Street Journal)

And news on a European shipyard in France; there are not many of them any more:
9. Even a Thriving French Shipyard Town Falls Under Le Pen’s Spell (Bloomberg)

Interesting legal-ese article for those who like to cruise; unfortunately not very flattering for the industry:
10. When People Die at Sea, Cruise Operators Often Get a Pass (The Wall Street Journal)

Products tanker MT ‘Arctic Bay’ under the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, enter the Upper New York Harbor. Image credit: Karatzas Images.

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