‘Shipshape 10’ News for Week Ending April 30th, 2017

‘Shipshape 10 List’, a list of news and articles published in the current week that a senior executive in shipping, shipping finance, commodities, energy, supply chain and infrastructure should had noticed; news and articles that are shaping the agenda and the course of the maritime industry.

Sometimes seemingly tangential, periodically humorous, occasionally sarcastic, sporadically artistic, inferentially erotic, but always insightful and topical.

And, this week’s ‘Shipshape 10’:

On trade and tariffs:
1a. Why Trump is starting a trade war with Canada (Politico)

1b. Why Donald Trump Decided to Back Off Nafta Threat (The Wall Street Journal)

On the Jones Act market and the current debate:
2a. Reinterpreting the Jones Act a Done Deal? Not So Fast (gCaptain)

2b. U.S. Maritime Industry Stands Behind Jones Act Ruling Letter Changes (gCaptain)

2c. Oil Trade Association API Says New Jones Act Rulings Could Cost American Jobs (gCaptain)

2d. OMSA Fires Back at ‘Erroneous’ and ‘Misguided’ Report on Jones Act Changes (gCaptain)

2e. AMP Supports Stricter Jones Act Interpretations (Maritime Executive)

Speaking of company valuations in a shifting sand of a world:
3. For Aramco Insiders, Prince’s $2 Trillion IPO Valuation Doesn’t Add Up (The Wall Street Journal)

Apparently there is such a thing as ’too much of exports’:
4. Australia curbs LNG exports amid domestic gas shortage (Financial Times)

While mining and oil majors seem to be benefiting from the current turn of commodity pricing:
5a. Big mining groups rebound to extract a profit (Financial Times)

5b. Exxon, Chevron Earnings Point to Sign of Strengthening Oil Industry (The Wall Street Journal)

John Fredriksen and Frontline on an all-out war to buy DHT, five offers and two lawsuits in less than two months:
6. Frontline Tries for DHT Takeover Again (The Maritime Executive)

While Angeliki Frangou’s Navios goes for the kill:
7. Navios moves for controlling stake in the FSL Trust (Splash 24/7)

George Economou of Dryships and Ocean Rig needs no introduction:
8. How a CEO Made Millions From a Sinking Ship (The Wall Street Journal)

Building on ports is always a good strategy especially when there are motivated sellers:
9. German-Led Consortium Named Preferred Bidder for Greek Port (The Wall Street Journal)

On an artistic expedition, a visit to the British Museum by August 13th, 2017 is a must to see ‘Under the Wave, off Kanagawa’ (Japanese: Kanagawa oki nami-ura), popularly known as ‘The Great Wave’, by the most famous of all Japanese prints, by artist Katsushika Hokusai:
10. Making waves (The British Museum blog)

And, it seems finally science is catching up with one the mot terrifying cause of shipwrecks over maritime history, the legendary shipworm:
The Loch Ness Monster of Mollusks (The New Yorker)

And, for those with travel flexibility, please join us next week at George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, for the 2nd Cayman Maritime Week; Basil Karatzas will present at the 5th Mare Forum Cayman Shipping and Yachting Summit on the implications of the Trump Administration to the shipping industry.

Products Tanker ‘Maersk Mississippi’ discharging cargo at the Grand Cayman. Image source: Karatzas Images

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